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Checklist for EYH 2015

posted Apr 16, 2015, 9:16 AM by EYH Workshops Cornell University

We hope everyone is excited about the EYH this Saturday! Here is a complete checklist for this year’s EYH event (4/18/15). For returning workshop leaders, please be sure to note the changes in locations, check-out procedures and evaluations. 

Please take a moment to read the following checklist carefully.

Contact info (updated from last week):

Accident/Medical Emergency: 607-255-1111 (Cornell Police)

Contact info of Conference Chair and Workshop Chairs are listed in the email.

Before the conference checklist:

-- Weekend access: Please make sure that you have the access to the room you reserved during the weekend.

Day of the conference checklist:

-- Check-In: Check-in will be from 8-10 AM. Your first stop in the morning should be to the Clark 700 & 701. We will be there to give you a bag with t-shirts, nametags, emergency contact information, roster etc.

-- Breakfast: Breakfast will be provided from 8-9 AM in Clark 700 & 701.

-- Signs: General volunteers will create and hang up signs to direct attendees to your workshop. Please take down the signs when your workshop is done. If your workshop is in a hard-to-find location or is isolated, assign a workshop volunteer to the entrance of the building to guide the girls and parents/buddies.

-- Workshop Sessions Begin: The first workshop starts at 10:20 AM for 7th/8th grade workshops and 10:45 AM for 9th grade workshops. Girls will start arriving as early as 15 minutes before so you should be all set up by then. The full schedule is available here.

-- When workshop session ends: Please save 5 minutes at the end of each session and pass along the evaluation forms to the girls. The idea is to gather the girls’ opinions while the workshop is still fresh in their minds and to provide you with immediate feedback. When done, please collect them and turn them in to us during check-out in Clark 700 & 701 from 4-5 PM.

-- Lunch: All volunteers will be provided lunch in Clark 700 & 701 from 11:45 - 1:15. Feel free to fill out your evaluations during this time.

-- Clean-Up: Clean up your room and remove all signs. Some rooms require you to remove all trash, clean/return borrowed equipment to the proper storage area, and to return furniture to how you found it.

-- Check-Out: Note that check-out is MANDATORY. Please come to Clark 700 & 701 from 4-5 PM. You will need to return leftover supplies, your group’s workshop leader’s evaluations, and the workshop evaluations collected from the girls. See below for more details.

-- Reception: Attend the Volunteers’ Reception in Clark 700 & 701 at 5 PM! Food and fun!

Important note on Supplies:

Upon checking in, you will receive a paper bag with your t-shirts, nametags, etc. Keep the bag and then return it filled with all unused or reusable supplies to us at the end of the day in Clark 700 & 701 during check-out. This is to be sure that no supplies are lost over the summer and that you don’t have to clutter up your house/lab with them. If you decide to run the workshop again next year, we will return the bag to you next year. If there are items that you no longer need (or if all your leaders graduate and your workshop doesn’t return), we will make a general collection that we will share with other workshops.

Note that all consumable supplies purchased with EYH money should be used exclusively for EYH. If Jenny/Jessica purchased supplies for you, please don’t use them for other outreach (even other CCMR projects!).  We will collect anything reusable—for example colored pencils. We also want unused supplies (ex. extra glass bottle purchased for a girl who didn’t show up or the other 97 petri dishes that only came in a pack of 100). We will not collect any chemicals that would require special storage nor anything perishable (food). We may not have space to store really large items that wouldn’t fit in a paper bag—be in touch and we can decide on a case-by-case basis.

Workshop evaluations:

In the bag, we will have the evaluation forms for you to fill out. Please fill it out and return it to us as this will provide us with important feedback about how we can improve the workshop process for next year. This is also a chance for you to comment on your own workshop and provide tips we can pass onto next year’s workshop leaders. We will be collecting these evaluations during check-out.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Once again, thank you for all of your hard work this year!  We are really excited to see your workshops in action this Saturday! :)


Tawny, Jeney, and Joo Hyun