Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the EYH conference?
You can learn more at the EYH website:

I want to lead a workshop, where do I begin?
Please view our Lead A Workshop page for more details. Applications will be available on October 11, 2015 and due on November 13, 2015.

What kind of time commitment is leading an EYH Workshop?

You will put in a significant amount of time planning up front, in addition to the full-day conference. Past workshop leaders have suggested that it takes 3-6 hours to design the workshop and fill out the application, attend 1-2 mandatory meetings, and a full 8-10 hours on conference day.

What is a good workshop?
Our expectations of a good workshop can be found on our Lead A Workshop page.

Can guys participate as workshop leaders and/or volunteers?
Yes! We appreciate your interest and can use all the help we can get!

How many girls will be in my workshop?
Depending on available supplies, number of volunteers, room size, etc., your workshop can accommodate as many girls as suitable. Most workshops range from 10 to 20 girls.

How many girls will attend the conference?
This year, we will be accepting approximately 500 girls.

What is the schedule on the day of the conference?
Generally, you will be required to hold your workshop three times throughout the day, scattered between events. Last year's schedule can be found here.

My workshop didn't get accepted, what can I do?
You may contact one of the workshop chairs, and we would be glad to discuss with you improvements you can make for next year's application.

Leading a workshop doesn't seem like it's for me. What else can I do to get involved?
EYH is a huge operation that requires hundreds of people to make happen! Each year we look for ~200 Buddies and ~100 General Volunteers that make a half-day or full-day time commitment to the program. Buddies are undergraduate/graduate students (female) who spend their entire day with 1-3 girls, accompanying them to their workshops and learning along side them. This is probably the most fun job at EYH! General Volunteers can be anyone (female or male) who wants to help to make EYH happen behind-the-scenes (putting up signs, serving lunch, driving buses, etc.). In addition, we are looking for Demo Leaders to a variety of demonstrations to be done throughout the day. If you have an idea that might make a better "show" than a workshop, contact the EYH Science Resources Chair, please Mike Lynch (